Jozelda - Short Story demonstrating the "different perspectives and different worlds" theme

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Jozelda is a short story that demonstrates how ones perspective of things can change over time. In Jozelda the author has weaved a remarkable story about how, a young girls perception towards other girls in her year change with time. Throughout the entire story the audience is only told of "Jessie's" perspective or point of view. The story begins with the audience hearing about Jessie's thoughts on Jozelda. "She was as odd as her name. Jozelda was different", this remark immediately informs the viewer that Jessie thought of Jozelda as an unusual and queer girl. The audience further learns from Jessie that Jozelda was the girl that, no one sat with at school, the girl that preferred sitting on her own, the black sheep of the class. This is emphasised further in Jessie's comparison of Jozelda with the rest of her class, "It was like she was a little drop of oil and all the rest of us were drops of water in a glass.

She was just separate and different". The first 5 paragraphs of the story are spent telling the audience of Jozelda and Jessie's opinion of her.

The dominant reading of the story is one of a young girl and how her perspective on people in her year changes as she learns more about them. "I understood a few more things about people after that day"; this line tells us that Jessie has gained more knowledge in stopping herself from creating a first impression of someone too quickly.

As the story progresses the other main characters come into the story, Michelle and Bronwyn. These two characters play a vital role in the story because, Jessie's perception of them changes completely by the end of the story. At the beginning she...