Judaism, Christianity, Islam: One God? A Comparison of Modern Western Religions

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All over the world today, people wage wars and kill humans from other religions, without considering that they share many common characteristics. It is true that they have their differences; however, their corresponding attributes are so great and so numerous that these people with different beliefs should consider coming together in peace, not to create one religion, but to acknowledge that each religion is correct in its beliefs and that each religion has the capability to work with each other without conflict. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all trace their roots to one man, Abraham, and all have similar histories recorded in their holy books. With all three having originated from one man, it is logical to say that all three worship the same god, albeit under a different name.

Judaism is the oldest of the three Western religions, having been founded sometime around 1900 BC to 1400 BC by a man named Abram.

Abram grew up in a Hindu culture, but did not understand how his family could worship idols made of clay and wood. Jewish legend says"Abram thought that the stars and the moon should be worshipped; but as night passed and the sun came up, the stars and the moon vanished. He reasoned that the stars and moon could hardly be the most powerful force in the universe if they were so easily vanquished by the light of day. So Abram decided to worship the sun. But clouds came and covered the sun and the wind blew the clouds, which rolled up into great thunderheads. In turn, Abram worshipped the clouds, the wind, the mighty claps of thunder, and the bolts of lightning. But all of these soon passed away. Abram concluded, 'There must be one who rules over all - over sun, moon, stars, wind and cloud,