Judging Management Potential

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Judging Managers:

Assessment of Managerial Potential

... good job ... nicely researched ... good organization and flow ... problem with wordiness in places ... problem with strained and stilted language in places ... and also problem with needed citation for some major research points made ... gave it an "A-"

Judging Managers:

Assessment of Managerial Potential


The ability to be able to accurately assess managers has been an ongoing quest ... you are a bit strained in your word choice here ... by both the organizations and industrial psychologists alike. This is important due to the need to determine a potential candidate's adequate position level, compensation, and rated managerial effectiveness. Not only have there been many attempts in the past to accomplish such a feat, but it is also a very prevalent issue in modern day business. Amongst ... strained ... try just: Among the many efforts ... the many efforts to put the judgment of managers into a science, the most notable success has been the advent of assessment centers.

In the following paper ... , ... you need a lead in phrase comma here, there are several more ... I'll use the phrase LIP later in the paper ... I outline the importance of judging managers, while adding a historical perspective, introduce the concept of assessment centers and their background, and end with a present day synopsis and possible developments into the future.

The Importance of Judging Management

The role of management is deemed as ... drop the "as" ... strained ... an important one, due the facts that the value of each employee is governed by the way in which they are being managed and the value of a company is determined largely by the performance of their employees (Drucker, 1974). Management, as a discipline, is...