The Judicial Branch and its Supreme Court History.

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The Judicial Branch

And Its

Supreme Court's History

The laws of the United States of America are governed by the Constitution which is broken down into three main branches. These branches are the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch. Although all three branches provided a key structure in the building of our country, I have chosen to concentrate on the Judicial Branch and its Supreme Court because of its struggle into being.

The Judicial Branch of the government is made up of the Supreme Court, Circuit court of Appeals, Specialized Courts and District Court. The Supreme Court was created by the constitution to try cases but, it did not elaborate on the courts status in the government and its role in decision making. This came from Section 2 of Article 3.

The Judiciary act of 1789 which was written by Oliver Ellsworth and William Patterson, granted the Supreme Court its powers based on its Jurisdiction.

It allowed the court to process certain cases from the lower courts.

In its early years, the Supreme Court was not a favorite among the people. Many believed that it was no an important part of government so, its policies were not respected. The U.S first Supreme Court was established on February 1, 1970. Its original members consisted of six appointed Justices whose name are: John Jay of New York, John Rutledge of South Carolina, William Cushing of Pennsylvania, John Blair of Virginia and Robert H. Harrison of Maryland. All of these Justices were nominated by President George Washington.

Before the Inaugural ceremony could take place, Robert H. Harrison resigned due to an illness. Over the years, many of the Supreme Court original members would resign in order to pursue better and more promising jobs in their home town due to the fact...