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Judy was born June 10, 1922. She would be called "World's Greatest Entertainer". She completed thirty two movies which won her a special Academy Award. Mrs. Garland stared in her own television show that had won ten emmies. Her real name was Frances Ethel Gramm, but in stage she was known as Judy Garland.

Judy Garland was two and a half years old when she performed "Jingle Bells" on her father's stage.

Judy first auditioned in 1935, and a contract was signed. Judy's first movie was "Pigskin Parade". It was a movie about football. The movie that made Judy famous was "Everybody Sing" in 1937.

Soon MGM relized what they had. They were planning to make a movie version of L. Franks Baum's classic book The Wizard Of Oz.

In 1941 Judy married a composer named David Rose. David said, "Judy was very kind and helpful. I was amazed at her skills."

Soon she divorced David Rose and married Vincent Minelle.

On March 12, 1946 Judy's first child was born, Liza May Minelle.

Lia became a star too. She has her mothers voice.

Judy soon divorced Vincent Minelle, then married for the third time to Sid Luft. Lorana Luft, Judy's second child, was born in 1953.

On June 22, 1969, Judy Garland died of a sleeping pill overdose. She was forty seven years old. At the same time of her death around thirteen tornadoes swept through Kansas. Judy is buried in Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale New York. A little girl had wrote a poem mounted on card board which had concluded: "To one...who shares my joys. Who cheers when I am sad, is the greatest friend I ever had."