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Jules Verne Pages - 213 Setting - This book usually took place in the giant submarine the Nautilus. The Nautilus roamed the world's oceans. A group of men were captured by the Nautilus which they thought was a sea monster. The ship was run by captain Nemo. Point of View - This book is told by the first narrator. The book is told by Professor Aronnax. He tells about there adventure of being hostages on the Nautilus and what they go through and do on the ship. Main Characters - The main characters of the book were Captain Nemo who was captain of the Nautilus and Professor Aronnax who tells the story. Also were the characters Conseil, Professor Aronnax's servant and Ned Land, a whaler who was a friend of Aronnax's. Captain Nemo was a strange man who built the Nautilus. He despised the civilzied world. He was sort of a pirate but helped many people around the world.

He could be very cold and calculating. He also could be very kind to his men. Professor Aronnax was a scientist. He was a very good observer of the life and travels of the Nautilus. He was adventuresome but not a big risk taker. Plot - This book is about a mysterious ship called the Nautilus which everyone thinks is a sea monster. Professor Aronnax, his servant Conseil, and Ned Land were all captured by the Nautilus. They are kept hostages on the ship but they have lots of freedom on the ship. With the Nautilus they tour the oceans of the world. They saw many amazing things like Atlantis and had many exciting adventures like being attacked by a giant sqid. As they realize that their lives may be in danger they decide to escape and did so. They were knocked unconscious from hitting the dinghy. When they woke up they were in a fisherman's hut. They were on an island just off of Norway. It was two weeks until a steamer came and picked them up and took them back to France. Exciting Episodes - My favorite part of the book is when the giant squid attacks the Nautilus. It is very interesting cause they use lots of techniques like trying to shock it and try to kill it in many different ways. They came very close to death fighting the squid. I also liked when Professor Arronax and his friends were first captured and came to realize what a strange thing had happened to them being on the Nautilus. It also liked the descriptions of what the ship was and why it was built and what the whole purpose of the Nautilus was about. I didn't like when they were exploring the bottoms of the ocean because it wasn't that interesting and nothing really happened there. Conclusion- I thought this book was full of excitement and was very well written. The book was very good. There some dull points of the book but other then that I thought it was very interesting. I would recommend this book to everyone cause I think that most people would enjoy reading this book