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There are also other ways in which narrative attempts to involve the audience. Unfortunately, this essay is too limited to do anything but mentioning one element which I feel is significant to the press conference scene. Sound is known for its significant role in film making. Bordwell et al. (1997) states that while music creates a unity within film, it also enhances the meaning of the film. Throughout the film regular soundtracks are traceable. They are all nondiegetic sound (ambient (mood) music which has no source within the scene) put together in an effort to convey the mood of the scenes (Bordwell et al, 1997:330). In the press conference scene, Elvis Costello's 'She' surrounds the atmosphere as William and Anna exchange gaze of happiness soon after Anna agreed to stay 'indefinitely' in relation to William's question that as to whether she will reconsider her plan of leaving Britain. Both the music and the lyrics of 'She' successfully enforced and complemented this final sequence of the film, leaving the audience with a deep insight of the degree of affection William has for Anna.

This moment of happiness is essential as they are immersed in their own world, blurring out the camera flashes around them. In fact, his gaze alone reflects that "She, may be the reason I survive...The meaning of my life is she"(Costello, 2002). Thus, further emphasizing to the audience that she is everything to him.