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Julian Babour Reflection From Here to Eternity by Tim Folger clearly explains the ideas brought into physics by the theoretical physicist Julian Barbour. His ideas relate to those expressed in Chapter 34 very well. Both articles explain in detail about how the universe really has no time. Barbour explains times as just an illusion because there really is not official clock ticking away in the universe in which all events take place. His theory is that every single instant in the universe stays the same for eternity. He explains that events do not just happened and then disappear, but instead, they all exist in different universes in which they will never change. So in a way, he says that we are immortal in terms of how each and every instant of are life exists forever in separate universes. This relates to Chapter 34 in a way. Chapter 34 explained that there really is no time because time is different depending on what frame of reference you are looking from.

One second on Earth may seem like an eternity somewhere else in the universe because of the different frames of reference. Both Barbour and Chapter 34 express good theories as to how time is not real and that it more than likely is not involved in the ultimate equation to the universe.

I think Barbour is a very intelligent man. His out of the ordinary thinking really opens up big question as to the existence of time. Also, I agree with his explanations of time and how events last eternally in separate universes. I think his revolutionary breakthroughs about the existence of time will ultimately help mankind figure out the truth behind the universe.