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Julius Caesar William Shakespeare was known as a great poet and playwright. When he introduced his play, "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", we are entertained with a great plot of conspirators against a ruler, who is murdered. Julius Caesar became the ruler of Rome after his battles against Pompey. Although the plebeians of the play show no true emotions for Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and the rest of the gang express their thoughts of Caesar as a overpowering man and a tyrant. Julius Caesar, man to be naive, self-centered, and arrogant, yet one of the greatest rulers ever to live.

Julius Caesar was a great leader and ruler of Rome. He fought for his battles and was sending money in order for the country to get enough financial need.. He cared deeply about his wife and never wanted her to be frightened.

He even offered to stay home so she wouldn't worry about him.

His friendship with Marcus Antonius must have meant a great a deal to Mark because of the speech Mark gives about Caesar at his funeral. Caesar was a noble and honest man. He lived and died for his country. His country's pains were his pains, too. On the other hand, his naive decisions cost him his life.

When Caesar made a decision about something, he never changed his mind. He was very pig headed about these type of things. He never even saw it coming that he was to be murdered by his so called admirers, Brutus and Cassius. He should have known better to listen to his wife and the soothsayer who kept reminding him to beware of the Ides of March. But he did not listen.

Soon you see the great ruler dead, bleeding to death from excessive stabs of knives, from Brutus,