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"Veni, Vidi, Vici," was the motto of a very famous person in Roman history. This name of this man is Julius Caesar. This motto clearly shows the way Caesar helped expand the Roman Empire, to its enormous size that it eventually became. He came, he saw, and he conquered. Roman was an important part of the imperial system in Rome, and was also a famous general. Julius Caesar had a very interesting life, from his childhood, to his death.

Julius had a very good childhood. He was born in either 100 or 102 B.C. Caesar's father was a praetor, and his mother came from a prominent family. Hid father's name was C. Julius Caesar, and his mother's name was Aurelia. Julius Caesar had descended from a very famous family, which consisted of many well-known senators. This was probably the motivation for Caesar, which would push him to except nothing, but excellence.

Caesar was further influenced to become a famous Roman figure, when his aunt married a very famous Roman general and member of Consul, Gaius Marius.

For a large portion of his life, Julius Caesar did not live in Rome. From 58 to 49 B.C, Julius conquered the largest portion of land, which would ever be added onto the Roman Empire. Caesar spent a long time building a bridge over the Rhine in order to go to war with Gaul, Belgium, and Germany.

Another important part of Julius Caesar's life was his presence in the Civil War, in Rome. Caesar, along with only one legion, began the Civil War in 49 B.C. Caesar went against the Senate, and marched across Rome, with his legion. Under Pompey's command, the legions fighting for the Republic, lost the war. Because of Caesar's outstanding victory, Rome would be ruled by one...