Julius Caesar.

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The tragedies of Julius Caesar brought upon many themes. One of them being burdens of the throne. Through the play the character Julius Caesar is portrayed as both arrogant and as being an awesome ruler. To those who were envious toward Caesar he seemed arrogant and very high esteemed of himself. To those who only saw him in public he was almost as high status as a god. Even Caesar considered himself as a god. Although being considered someone of high status is completely different from actually doing what you are known for. The responsibilities of being considered royalty are of great power. They are the people in charge of the whole nation, making the decisions for millions of people, for the better. The bad side to all the fame is the people who aren't fans. Caesar had a few that were strongly against him, for reason of tyranny, jealously, and greed.

Caesar needed to keep a good status with everyone, although he let his ego get in the way sometimes.

Another theme that was portrayed in Julius Caesar was that of inexorable fate. Many characters in the play are faced with decisions that they made which leads their fate to either death or power. Caesar's death was predetermined though. Although Caesar wouldn't have came to his end if it weren't for the conspiracy of his death. Caesar's fate was unchangeable though. If Caesar would have followed certain signs and indications of what would happen to him his out come would have probably been different. Yet then another conspiracy would probably be formed and Caesar would still eventually die a brutal death from murders. Brutus' fate was also death. When Brutus joined the conspiracy for noble reasons something was bound to go wrong. Even though Brutus was not planned...