Julius Caesar.

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One of the most influential political and military leaders in global history, Gaius Julius Caesar helped establish the vast empire ruled by Rome. Gaius Julius Caser was born in the year of 100 BC into a patrian family. At the time of his birth, Rome was still a republic and the empire was only really beginning. The senators ruled, motivated by the greed of power in the hope of becoming either a consul or a praetor, the two senior posts which carried emporium, the legal right to command an army. From these posts it was possible to, with the help of an army at your command, conquer new territories and so gain triumph and the pleasure of knowing that your name will be remembered forever in statues and inscribed monuments, paid for by the spoils of war.

Caesar made his way to praetorship by 62 BC and many of the senate thought of him a dangerous and ambitious man, and deprived him of a triumph after his praetorian command in Spain (61-60 BC) and they also did their best to keep him out of consulship.

But despite all of their efforts, he finally became consul in 59 BC. During his consulship, Caesar pushed through a special law giving him a five-year command in two provinces located in northern Italy and the Adriatic coast of Yugoslavia, Cispine Gaul and Illycrium. Caesar saw this as a great opportunity to extend the empire

By the time Caesar came to Gaul, the Romans were in control of Cispine Gaul and also Narbonese Gaul in the southern most point of Gaul, which was simply called the Province because it was the main province in the Roman Empire after Rome itself. The rest of Gaul was free and divided into Celtic tribes. They had many fights...