Julius Caesar

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The play “ Julius Caesar” was about how the senate killed Julius Caesar. There were six main characters Brutus, Cassius, Portea, Calpernia, Mark Anthony, and Julius Caesar.

Brutus was Caesar’s best friend. Brutus didn’t want Julius Caesar to become king of Rome because he believe in the republic. Brutus cared more about the republic than his best friend. He would rather be a peasant than have a monarchy. When Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar you could tell in his eyes that he didn’t want to stab Caesar.

Cassius was also in the senate. The reason he killed Caesar was because of jealousy of Caesar’s power not because he loved the republic. Cassius wanted to become king not Caesar. Cassius wanted to kill Mark Anthony too, but Brutus said it would be to bloody.

Portia was Brutus’ wife. Portia wanted to know want was there plan, but Brutus wouldn’t tell her.

So she stabbed her leg and swallowed hot charcoal to prove that she could know what they were up to. Calperna was Julius Caesar’s wife. The day before Caesar was going to be stabbed she had dreams about Caesars death. Calperna dreamed that he was doing to get stabbed. So she convinced him to stay home on the fifteenth of March, but Brutus and Cassius came and said that Julius Caesar had to go to work today so he could get crowned king of Rome.

Mark Anthony was one of Caesar’s friends. He was away when they killed Julius Caesar. When he came back he was mad. Anthony thought that they were going to kill him, but they weren’t.

wasn’t satisfied there he wanted more power so they were going to elect him king of Rome on March 15, but that day he was stabbed 27 times. He never got to be king of Rome. That event triggered a Civil War that lasted 17 years.

Those are the main characters in the play, and that’s what they contributed to Caesar’s death.