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Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.E.) had strong ambitions and he was known as a Tyrant because if he wanted something he went after it. Caesar used his intellect and persuasive techniques to accomplish his ambition in his life. His ambition in life was to control Rome. He eventually did this by controlling Rome’s army and persuading the people that he should be their leader. He had to hold an office or an army command to ensure that he would not be prosecuted for his acts. Julius Caesar was famous for his many accomplishments.

When Julius Caesar was sixteen (84 B.C.E.), his father died and he became the head of the family. Then he was nominated priest of Jupiter. The dictator Sulla forced Caesar into hiding because he won’t leave his wife, Cornelia. When Sulla gave in and forgave Caesar so he could returned to Rome. Instead of returning to Rome he joined the army.

When Sulla died, Caesar returned to Rome (78 BC). Later he left Rome to go to study under Apollonius Molo. When he was crossing to Rhodes (74 B.C.E.) he was kidnapped by pirates. Once the pirates released Caesar he had them executed before he returned to Rome. After his return, he was voted in as a military tribune and supported the leaders to re-establish the authority of the tribunes. When Caesar was a quaestor (67 B.C.E.), he served in Hispania Ulterior. While he was there he saw the statue of Alexander the Great. He seemed to get impatience with himself for not having done anything worthy enough to be acknowledged. He asked for a discharge from the army. Before his aedileship (65 B.C.E.) he was accused of plotting with Marcus Crassus to take over the dictatorship.

Julius Caesar made an attempt to take charge of Egypt...