Julius Caesar

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Anna Maria Coy

June 17, 2014

World History 1012 - 170

Professor Brian Page

Julius Caesar

The Life of Julius Caesar has fascinated societies for years. His strategic and clever negotiating skills still stand to this day, and were huge contributors to the up rise and success of the Roman Empire. His leadership brought Rome to prosperity and stabilization at the cost of this life which was ended by his own republic. He became a threat to the republic and inched closer to death by simply succeeding. His death lead to a domino effect resulting in the ultimate collapse of the Roman Empire. Though he was considered a dictator driven by greed and selfishness his assassination was a tragedy due to the success he brought Rome and the chaos caused after his death.

Julius Caesar was born around 100 BCE from his parents Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar. His family had noble, patrician roots, though they were neither rich nor politically influential. Caesar saw the condition that the state was in and dreamed about rising up the political latter and ruling. At this period the Republic of Rome survived for 400 years without a King at rule yet corruption and violence roamed the streets. The Final King was considered a tyrant and was expelled from Rome and it was determined Rome will never be ruled by one single man again. The roman people associated the word king with a passionate hatred. Rome, In Caesars time had the senate at the very top of Society with an equal elite group of men who were not supposed to outshine one another, and cohesively rule the republic as a whole. Yet secretly these men were competing for fame and glory against one another to gain popularity from the republic.