Julius Caesar

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September 14, 2014

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is one of the most import figures in Roman History and had many accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Julius Caesar was born around 100 BC and was murdered by politicians in 44 BC. Caesar was born into a wealthy family and had the chance of going to school and actually got a really good education. He joined the Roman Army in 81 BC and became the commander shortly after. Caesar was the first commander of Rome who invaded England and not only did it once but twice, in 55 BC and 54 BC. After his time in the Roman Army he went into politics.

Julius Caesar was very ambitious in politics and wanted the highest position in Rome. First he was put in charge of public entertainment in 65 BC and was very good at it and earned the hearts of many poor Romans.

Next he was appointed consul in 59 BC and a year later he went to Gaul, present day France, where he became the governor. Caesar was very successful and got more land for the Roman Empire. Caesar was leading an army of 50,000 men, lots of people were loyal to him but some people also despised him and said that he was only trying to gain more power for himself.

The Senate of Rome told Julius Caesar to give his army to his control but Caesar refused and took his army over to Rome, his new enemies. Rome couldn't do much against him and he continued and beat all his enemies around the world. Then in 45 BC Julius Caesar returned to Rome but this time as a dictator. He let the Senate keep working but replaced disloyal senators with his...