Julius Caesar As A Real Person Verses Julius Caesar In Shakespeare’s Play

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A picture worth a thousand words, a lived through moment is priceless. How many times writers try to give descriptions of a human in a book? They try to write a play or a book about someone great, and fit it into the few pounds of paper. They present their imagination to the audience as clear as they can, but, does it really transform the words written - into the picture or an experience? How can the words build a time machine in seconds, and let one travel back in time? The answer still stands, but Shakespeare in his play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar had been able to do it, or at least made an attempt. With this play he had been able to carry people back and forth in time. In the next few minutes one will experience, relive, and compare the Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play with the true Julius Caesar.

The interpretation of the facts must be left to each person seeking the true Caesar.

Shakespeare worked; he worked either on portraying the image of Julius Caesar or on the play. He strived to understand, to comprehend who was the true Julius Caesar, what was on his mind, heart, and what Caesar felt. How Caesar reacted to problems, and what his emotions were based on. In this play Shakespeare had given out a true tragic to the audience, which backs-up its title The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. "Although Caesar himself is not the hero of the play, he is the catalyst of the action and the person around whom the plot revolves."� (Wells, 9) In Shakespeare's play Caesar appeared as a man who had become strongly committed to the popular cause and highly experienced in the exercise of power. The people in fact missed him more...