Julius Caesar - Tragic Hero

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The Greek philosopher Aristotle defined tragedy like this "Tragedy, then is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude." In Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, there is one central action that everything else involved some how relates and evolves from it. The characters of this play are all focused on ridding their government of Julius Caesar. Many of Julius Caesar's close friends and co-workers are involved with this conspiracy that he will not be a good ruler of Rome. They believe he will be a tyrant for Rome. No one wants to be governed by an absolute ruler who dictates without restrictions. With the focus of the play ultimately being to overthrow Caesar, everything else forms around this central action. "It must be by his death; and for my part, I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general. He would be crowned.

How that might change his nature, there's the question. Th' abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power when his affections swayed more than his reason." (2.1.10-13/18-20). Brutus is a good friend of Caesar, possibly his best friend. His love for Julius is great, but he thinks that Caesar just wouldn't be the best option for Rome.

Caius Cassius has the deepest hate for Julius Caesar. He is more or less the ringleader of the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar. Some previous encounters events that Cassius and Julius have been involved in together include Cassius saving Caesar from the waves of the Tiber. "Help me, Cassius, or I sink!" (1.2.111). Also, how Cais Cassius has witnessed Julius Caesar's many sufferings from his epilepsy disorder. "How he did shake; 'tis true, this god did shake. His coward lips did from their color fly." (1.2.121-122.) These previous...