Julius Caser Compare Contrast essay of the two speechs given in Act III

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Willaim Shakespeare, the playwright, often took many facts from history to develop nearly all of his well-known works. Taking details from the life of the assassinated leader of Rome, Julius Caesar, he wrote one of his most famous plays. Julius Caesar is the play of conspirators who betray their leader by murdering him, resulting in a civil war. Caesar's friend, Antony, and the one that betrayed him, Brutus, fight for power for themselves after Caesar's death by making political speeches to manipulate the masses to gain the peoples' support. Although the famous speeches delivered by Antony and Brutus in Act III have the same main elements, they vary drastically from each other to help change and shape the play Julius Caesar.

Antony and Brutus used a specific style to relate to the crowd and through using style, they try to persuade the people of Rome to believe and support them.

Brutus put his emotion into his speech to sway the crowd, while Antony uses logic to convince the people of his point. Brutus wants to appeal to the crowd's emotion while talking to them. He wants them to feel compassion towards the choice he made to kill Caesar. By proclaiming to the public and audience " 'Not that I love Caesar less, but that I loved/Rome more,' " (III,ii,23-24) Brutus proves that he wants the public to believe that he had made his decision out of love and concern for them. He wanted the people to believe that he made a conscious decision to help them get out of being ruled by an ambitious man, Caesar, and that his actions were a great assistance to them. Antony used logic to prove Brutus wrong and to show that Caesar was not ambitious. He wanted to give the people facts...