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Julius Ceasar - 100 BCE to 44 BCE.

Julius Caesar was raised in an insula (similar to our apartment buildings) in the Subura, which is a lower-class neighborhood of Rome, but Caesar was tied to the Populares through family connections. When Caesar turned 15, his father became ill and died. All of his father's money was left to him, three years later, Caesar married a Roman Woman named Cornelia but in 82 BC Julius was ordered to divorce her, he refused and fled Rome to hide. Caesar was later pardoned and allowed back into Rome. After a short time in Rome Caesar left for military service in Asia and Cilicia. In 80 BC, Caesar played a key role in the battle of Miletus. Two years later Caesar returned home to Rome and began his political career in the Forum at Rome as an advocate for the populares. Caesar was known as the best speaker in Rome.

Later Caesar was inspired to put his name up for election to the post, and Caesar was elected to the post of praetor in 62 BC. After his praetorship, Caesar became Governor of Hispania Ulterior (Outer Spain). Caesars provincial military success was able to expand Roman rule, and brought the attention of Centuriate Assembly, electing him the senior Consul of the Roman Republic. Caesar realized that he would need money from Crassus and influence from Pompey, so an informal alliance was made between them. To confirm this recent alliance Pompey married Caesar's only daughter Julia.

The next milestone in Julius Caesar's career was the start of the Gallic wars (58 BC-49 BC) in which he conquered all of Gaul (the rest of current France). Caesar would later defeat the Helvetii (in Switzerland) in 58 BC, the Belgic confederacy and the Nervii in 57 BC...