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Julius Cesar was a general in the Roman army, he lived from 58 to 51BC in finally conquering Gaul Ancient France. Cesar used his victory over Gaul to become dictator of Rome, in 48 BC. He defeated his rival Pompey very easily. Because he wanted to be crowned king, he was assassinated by one of his adopted sons, Brutus Augustus, Caesar's other son, chased all of his father's traitors and eventually killed his brother. He soon became Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Each roman army was divided into quarters, Centuries about one hundred people in a Legion and Maniples or two centuries.

The Hastaii were the men who constituted the strength of the Legion; they were always placed in the front rows, because they were the only rank with a full armor.

The Trarii only had a long spear. They were skilled at fighting, but the fighting hardly ever reached them.

Centurions were the commanders of one hundred men. The Primus Pilus was the one who gave orders to the Centurions.

The weapons they had were swords, shields, and pilas short Javelins. Rich Roman citizens could afford up to 300 cavalry in each Legion.

When they organized a camp, the first thing was setting up defenses, which consisted of a rectangular ditch. A long-term camp often needed extra fortifications, like as a stone wall.