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Everyone communicates differently and uniquely in today's society thus making it essential for our day-to-day lives. One-author states: "The most personal element in effective business communication can be considered a very important building block for one to comprehend and in order to attain that height of exposure, an individual must first determine his or her type of personality and to examine themselves as others would view them to be" (Construct and Support, 2008). To reach ones target audience we should know how we are perceived which could help us correct and formulate our communication techniques concisely, confidently, and understandably. This paper will consider the Jungian Personality Perception self-assessment and my decision to pursue an MBA degree to achieve a personal goal.

Jungian Self-AssessmentPersonality tests can provide some information regarding an individual nevertheless because people often develop new skills, comportments and become accustomed to new circumstances consequently personality tests are poor predictors of the individual's future performance.

As one-author states: "In this respect, personality assessments capture only a fragment of the whole, and will not be accurate over a period of time. For some highly skilled and technical professions, an applicant's training and experience may have a greater impact on job performance than personality, and so although an applicant may not appear to be suitable, he or she may be more so than a candidate with apparently 'appropriate' characteristics" (Construct and Support, 2008).

The Jungian personality self-assessment is designed to help an individual understand his or herself better though one of 16 personality types. The intention of the Jungian personality self-assessment is to measure individual thinking styles, methods for dealing with information and group setting interactions for potential managers. My personality type according to the assessment would be in the category of an extrovert. One biographer said: "The characteristics of...