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17C, , Assignment 2, TTH 3:15, Recently, concern has been shown regarding some of the suppliers treatment of their employees. As President of the clothing manufacturing company, I have written this memorandum to the board of directors, discussing how to solve this problem by using the Strategy For Ethical Decision Making Model. It has been brought to my attention that many people believe that each nation should develop it's own standards for employment protection, minimum wage, and child labor laws. On the other hand, we believe that we should have some kind of responsibility involving this situation. I consider the equal well treatment of everyone employed by our suppliers to be an important ethical issue. Although remaining ignorant to the situation and simply looking for the cheapest manufacturing costs would maintain our current revenues, it would eventually give our company a poor reputation. As President, I would like to have international monitors observe and report the conditions of our Asian supplier's employees.

A contract needs to be developed with the suppliers discussing these conditions in detail.

It is necessary to recognize the stakeholders that are affected by this decision. The stakeholders affected by our company's decision on this matter are the company, the suppliers employees, and the consumers. Initially, we must recognize persons employed by the suppliers, and assure that they receive fair treatment in their work environment. The suppliers must understand that breaches of contract would result in immediate termination. The company and its shareholders must understand that it is in their best long-term financial interest to support this decision. Since the consumers are the key to our success, we must maintain an exceptional reputation with them. The initial monetary burden to our company is a small price to pay considering the future rewards.

I have taken a...