The Jungle

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During the Gilded age the system was rigged against the Immigrants. "Without restraints of culture, experience, the pride, or even the inherited caution of class or rank, these men, intoxicated, think they are the wave instead of the float."(Lloyd 9) Henry D Lloyd saw that the rich became consumed with greed and for others to become successful a person had to become greedy. This started a brutal system which took advantage of the Immigrants. Jurgis and his family are prime examples of how immigrant were abused through this system. When they first arrive you can see how police officers and the hotels employees worked together to play the immigrants. "The law says that the rate card shall be on the door of a hotel, but it does not say that it shall be in Lithuanian."(Sinclair 24) Other plans such as this will occur, such as when Ona's boss takes advantage of her because of his connections throughout packing town.

"He knew all about us, he knew we would starve."(Sinclair 159) When Jurgis attacked Ona's boss, it destroyed any future for the family and Jurgis in Packingtown. The system was connected and one screw up was your last.

The struggles the poor immigrants faced were not helped by the rest of society. Instead of helping the people who were unknown to this country, they took advantage of them. This kept the poor from the opportunity of actually having a better life. "Murder is a crime; but it is not a crime to be murdered; and a man who is in poverty, I look upon, not as a criminal in himself, so much as the victim of a crime for which others, as well perhaps as himself, are responsible."(George 2) Henry George saw how the rest of society played the poor for...