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My farm is going to be a beef cattle farm. I will have 1,000 cattle that I will end up selling for $500.00 per cow, which will bring me a hefty profit. I will have 4 grazing land that will consist of 50 acres each and two of the grazing land will be used per year, and they will consist of 500 cattle per field. I will rotate the cattle ever year so that the land won't get to worn out.

My house will be located in the northwestern area; it will be 10 acres big. I know that this is a real big house but that is how I would have it, I would hope to make enough profit after 3-5 years that I would be able to make my house even bigger.

Now I will have to feed the cattle, so I plan to have to field of crops.

One will consist of corn and the other will be alfalfa. I have two fields to grow them on consisting of 80 acres each, in which I will rotate the crops I grow on each field every two growing season to preserve the lands soil. I plan to use the cattle's manure to fertilize the filed so that will give fewer expenses growing the crops. I will store the corn in a silo and the alfalfa in a barn.

In the northwestern area just left my house will be a wintertime barn for the cattle. This barn has an out door grazing land for if the cattle want to be out doors, the barn and grazing land total 12 acres. Just south of that is a barn that will store the alfalfa. Just to the right of my house is my silo for the corn storage. I have made road coming threw the center of a wooded area coming directly to my house. I have planted evergreen trees all the way around my crop field. I tried to leave mos of the trres and other things in their place. I have also left a lot of land in the south alone for wildlife including the lake an the creek. I will eventually mak an access road on my property to the lake for family and friends. Then I will also hunt the wooded area in the south for food for my family. I will hunt for deer and all sorts of small game. In hunting for my own meat will also make my profit from the cattle much bigger. I figure that the more I can produce on my property the more profit I make.