Junk Food

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There's always been controversy when it comes to government involvement.

The United States, the nation that's supposed to spread ideas of freedom and liberty, sometimes goes against it's own beliefs. When you're online, there can be people watching what you're doing, when you're on the phone, and even when you're shopping. When you're walking down the street, there are cameras watching. The only place you know you're not being watched is at home, and that is only when you're not using the web. The reason behind this, they say, is for safety precautions. The real question is, should we all have to pay for decisions other people make? Even if we're good citizens? If we've never stolen, pointed a gun at someone's head, it's debatable if we should still be controlled. The same comes with eating habits. There are people that have good eating habits and there are people that do not, however, unlike any other government precautions, this affects nobody but ourselves.

One thing is having cameras in the streets incase any accidents or violent acts take place, another one is deriving a person of their choice when it comes to a meal. This would be too far, and not everyone should be suffering from the unhealthy choices others make. One of every three schoolchildren are overweight or obese (Medina 1). This is one of the nation's biggest issues and main reasons for death. Obesity promotes diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but nobody is responsible for this, only the individuals themselves. The beauty of America is we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and most importantly, freedom of choice. Pointing fingers doesn't help solve this issue. Although people will argue cities and lawmakers should create laws to restrict unhealthy food choices because it will...