Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park was a really great novel that I enjoyed reading it very much. This novel included a variety of climaxes that were all exciting and filled with intense action. Michael Crichton, the author of this book, wrote it very well.

The setting takes place in the late 20th Century some where near Costa Rica. A small group of scientists have discovered a way to recreate prehistoric reptiles known as dinosaurs. They have recreated these dinosaurs from DNA from fossilized mosquitoes that were stuck in very old sap.

The scientists have recreated a diverse variety of dinosaurs that include omnivores, herbivores, and the well-known carnivores such as the giant T-Rex. These dinosaurs are kept in captivity by large electrical fences all over the island. A corrupt computer whiz is paid to retrieve some dinosaur DNA from the compound. At the same time a group of paleontologists are visiting the island to observe this remarkable achievement.

The Computer technician, Nelix, shuts down the electrical systems that control the island to steal the DNA. At the same time he lets the electrical fences down and the dinosaurs get loose around the island. Many of the staff and part of the tour group are eaten by some of the carnivorous dinos and in term pay the ultimate price.

I think that the message that the author is trying to place upon us is that we should never try to change something that we have absolutely no control of. If we do we will pay a higher price than we expected to pay and may have to pay with our lives.

Overall, the book itself was pretty well written. It was a little gory, but this was needed to understand the full affect of the point the author was trying to get across. I would definitely recommend this novel to any Science fiction enthusiast and I hope they had as much fun reading it as I did.