Jurassic Park the novel, by Michael Crichton vs.The Film

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The novel or film Jurassic Park. Which is better? Both versions of the story are exceptionally well written, but there are major differences. The first and most significant difference is the two different themes used in the novel and the film. The novel uses a special sort of technological, mystery theme. However, the film uses the adventure theme that so many recent films these days do. Another major difference is the role and personality of the characters. Many characters in the film for example have been altered from the novel to suit the film's adventure theme. The final difference is the outcome of the story. The novel shows the raptors escaping from their pens and venturing to the mainland on board a supply ship. It is because of this the raptors can travel 'home'. My personal opinion of the various differences in the two versions of Jurassic Park is that they have been well adjusted to suit their roles.

Deeper analysis of the novel proves this.

The first difference is how the novel starts. The opening scene is that of a frightfully mutilated workman being brought into a medical clinic by military officers. The author continually gives clues, such as obvious lies by the officers about how the man's injuries occurred, that this is not a typical attack. Soon after this incident another mysterious attack occurs. This time a young girl is bitten by an 'unknown' lizard on a Costa Rican beach along with many other infant deaths in the surrounding area. The evidence Crichton gives here is the fact that the lizard was of an unknown species and, according to witnesses, carnivorous. It also had the now impossible task of standing on its tail. Foamy, 'prehistoric' saliva was also found on the victims' bite marks. The only event...