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Jurassic Park I'm reading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.

The main characters in this book are, Dr. Grant, Ellie Sattler, John Hammond, Dennis Nedry, Donald Gennaro, Henry Wu, Tim Murphy, Lexis Murphy or Lex, Ian Malcolm, Ed Regis, Robert Muldoon, and Dr. Harding.

In the beginning of this book it starts out with some action. A man working on Isle Nublar was attacked and badly injured.

John Hammond (a multi million air) thinks he can recreate the past by genetically making dinosaurs. He succeeds with his plans but his lawyers are in doubt. He has to call the best dinosaur researchers in the world so he can get the approval so he called Dr. Allen Grant and his partner, Ellie Sattler. Dr. Grant and Ellie Sattler did not know that it was a dino park that they were going to they just knew that they were going to have three years of research fully paid by Mr.


When they get there they are greeted by a bunch of dino's and are amazed by the size of them. When they first saw them they thought they could have been machines, but they weren't. They were real live dinosaurs! About in the middle of the book everyone takes a tour of the park. While they were in the tyrannosaurus pod the power went off. The t-rex attacked the cars and killed one person and injured another. Dr. Grant made it out with the kids safely but they were lost in the middle of the park. Dennis Nedry had made a computer glitch to shut down the computer system that controlled everything in the park. He was going to steal embryos and sell them to someone else. He would be a million air. While he was on his way to the dock to give the embryos to a person when he got lost and crashed his car. When he got out to try and get unstuck, a dinosaur blinded him with acid spit, and then killed him.

When Dr. Grant and the kids got back to the main visitors center they had to contact the other people who moved to a different visitor center. They said that the raptors might be in the building so they had to be quiet and careful.

Once the power was turned back on Tim turned on all of the fences and the doors locked so you had to have a key to get in. They turned the power on right on time because the raptors were going to attack the kids.

Dr. Grant and Ellie had to go count the amount of raptor eggs there was because they found out that the dinosaurs on the island were laying eggs even though they were all females. They also found out that the doctors were using frog DNA to use with all of the holes in the DNA strands that the contained; which means that the dino's could change their sex. While they were counting eggs, Dr. Grant realized that they were trying to migrate.

Then the helicopter came and flew them away. When Dr. Grant looked back all he saw was flames. The military of Costa Rica were napalming the island.

I had nothing but good thoughts about this book. I would rate it a 10 out of 10. I thought the book was more detailed and better written than the movie. Although I liked the movie I thought the book was by far better overall.