Just a creative story about a girl who goes on a surfing camp: "Surfing for Jen"

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I can remember that summer like it was just yesterday, it was during that summer that my life changed. My name is Jen Fonda, I am 18 years old now, I live in Claremont, a small town in San Diego. Two years ago was when my life truly began. You could say that before this I was a big geek, I had the huge glasses, overalls that were to small for me, my short brown hair was always tied up in a big bun, and of course I was the teachers pet. I went to Claremont High, I was a junior. I lived about five blocks away from school and would always be there twenty minutes early so that I could get a good seat in the front.

It was the end of the school year, June 5th to be exact, I was really bummed that it was the end of the school year because there would be no school for a whole two months.

Everyone around me was bustling with joy that school would finally be over. All the girls were crowded around each other's lockers signing yearbooks. Some people crying how they were going to miss each other, honestly it is so pathetic. As soon as the bell sounded everyone filed out of the classroom yelling and screaming, I stayed behind and helped my math teacher, Ms. Crandal clean up and grade late homework.

About an hour later I said my good-byes to Ms. Crandal and left on my way home. I got inside my car, it was a 67' Plymouth convertible GTX series it was pride and joy, other than homework that is. I got home and went into the kitchen where my mom was. She would always fix me my favorite snack, cream cheese and cucmbers...