This is just a general essay on Vladimir Lenin, his life before and after communism.

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Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Ilich Lenin was a Russian revolutionary leader and theorist, who presided over the first government of Soviet Russia and then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). He was born in 1870, and died in 1924. Lenin was the leader of the socialist Bolshevik Party (later renamed the Communist Party). It seized power in the October phase of the Russian Revolution of 1917. After the revolution, Lenin headed the new Soviet government that formed in Russia. He became the leader of the USSR when it was founded in 1922. Lenin held the highest post in the Soviet government until he died in 1924. Then that's when Joseph Stalin got all the power.

Vladimir Lenin was not born named Vladimir Lenin. He was born named Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov. His birth place was in the city of Simbirsk in central European Russia. Some say he may have adopted the name Lenin.

They say it probably derived from the river Lena in Siberia. While Lenin was doing secret work as a revolutionary. He was the third of six children born to Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov and Maria Alexandrovna Blank. Ilya Ulyanov was the director of public education for the province of Simbirsk during Lenin's childhood. His service to the state earned him the title of hereditary nobleman. While Lenin was finishing school in Simbirsk in 1887, his older brother, Aleksandr, was arrested and executed in Saint Petersburg, which was then the capital of Russia, for his involvement in a conspiracy to assassinate the Russian emperor Alexander III. Later that year Lenin entered Kazan' University where he intended to study law. Before completing his first term at the university, Lenin was expelled for his involvement in a student demonstration. So then he settled at his mother's estate in the village of...