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Problems of a Teenager When I was young I'd always say I'd be gald when I become a teenager. I will be able to go out with my friends and stay up late. Have you ever wondered what life will be like when your teenage years arrive? You shouldn't rush into your teenage years because of the problems that will arise such as babysitting, schoolwork, and peer pressure.

My first problem with becoming a teenager was babysitting. I had the responsibility of looking after my younger brother, B.J. when my parents had meetings or would have to work late. While, they were away I had to make sure he had been fed, giving a bath, and put to bed by 8:30p.m. When my parents wasn't there I had to listen to him wine, nag, and holler for hours at a time because things wasn't going the way he planned.

Babysitting, helped me realized that your teenage years are not worth rushing into.

A second reason is schoolwork. Schoolwork is not the same when becoming a teenager compared to the work you did in elementary school. Due to the fact that you have less social an playtime when you reach this age. When you reach those teenage years schoolwork becomes much more difficult than it was in your lower grades. If you choose not to do the work you wont be told to go on time out. Instead, you will be given a zero and contained in that same grade for the upcoming school year.

The final and last reason is coping with peer pressure. Peer pressure is when someone is pressured into doing something that they disapprove of doing. Teenagers deal with peer pressure in their everyday lives. Dealing with peer pressure will cause a lot of problems in your household and in the school. Some of the things that you will be pressured into doing your teenage years are drugs, having sex, drinking, skipping school, and stealing. Peer pressure leaves a person feeling down, neglected, and ashamed.

My teenage experience was quite a wild ride. I had all types of obstacles getting in my way that I had to maneuver to get by. Your toddler years are great compared to your teenage years. Never rush into a different stage of life to early because there are always some negative outcomes that come with it. Appreciate your freedom of having no homework and going outside and playing with your friends form next door. You only have one chance of been a kid so enjoy it. Don't rush these years they will always be there waiting on you.