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When I think of the times of my youth, all I seem to remember is the dusty baseball infield. Seeing the cleats from the players on the infield kicking up brown dust, which then was picked up by the summer winds and was blown right at me It was a brown crumbly infield, that had that arid, agonizing, annoying dust that gets into your eyes and made your eyes water. I would always be wiping dust in my eyes as I patently waited for my chance to show what I could do when the ball was hit towards me. This day I remember vividly, due to the fact is was the most important game in my life to that point. Seeing my enemy, the Red Sox with their red uniforms looking confident against my team, in their dugout laughing at how undersized our team was.

We never that defeated team up to that point, which is another reason why they probably mocked us, but this was going to be are day.

The sun was shining and we felt good coming off our two tournament wins earlier in the day. A 10 to 3 victory over the Blue Sox in the morning, and a 7-4 win over the White Sox in the mid after noon. It was a scheduled 3 pm start to see who would win this tournament. Coach gave us a pep talk before the game telling us of how big this game was going to be and bribing are young team with promises of pizza. Parents all waiting in anticipation and gathered their hot dogs and cracker jacks, hungry from being there all day. The announcer introduced both teams on the loud speaker that echoed around...