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With just one unintended click in the e-mail system's address book, the message for that one person could be sent to an entire organization. People should confirm the contents of their e-mail before sending it. This is because an e-mail could have a long life. It can usually be retrieved from a variety of locations such as networks, local hard drives and backup. People shouldn't assume that when they delete their message that it has been deleted from the system.

Privacy is important to everyone, but when you're in a business where professionalism is a must, this may affect personal privacy. Of course employees will consider their e-mails to be confidential and not be subject to the monitoring by their employers. On the other hand, the employers' justify their monitoring to be a way of preventing theft, fraud, and other illegal conduct. Not only that but they also monitor e-mail as a way to assess job performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Everyone has the right to privacy but when it comes to business and the privacy issue, it's a must that employees be ethical. It is already evident that e-mail monitoring is mandatory, even if businesses don't want to participate in it. Because of issues that have risen concerning this, businesses are now going to make notice and confirm this whole e-mail monitoring issue before they hire a person. Therefore, to prevent any future problems concerning the workplace e-mail issues, people should review and think over the contents of their e-mails before sending them.

We believe that the employer has a responsibility to protect the benefits and assets to maximize profits of the company. If monitoring protects the interest of the employer, it will be cost effective and is...