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The Hound of Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle is filled with a series of mysteries throughout the book. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson take charge to try and solve these mysteries. A friend of Holmes, James Mortimer, enters his office in the beginning of the book and unveils the myth of Hugo Baskerville. This "sets the stage" for the rest of the book by providing background as to why Holmes and Watson are even at the Baskerville estate.

After agreeing to take the case, Holmes and Watson learn the Sir Henry Baskerville, an heir of the Baskerville family, is being trailed around London by a mysterious bearded stranger. Holmes sends Watson to London because he is too busy, so Watson digs up some potential suspects that have sent the family and note and stolen a shoe. These include Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore, servants on the estate, and Jack Stapleton and his sister Beryl, neighbors to the estate.

In the book there is a possible red herring because Doyle alludes to the fact that the convicted felon that is on the loose in London would be responsible for everything going on in London. He tries to throw us off the path by placing guards all over London in pursuit of this felon, when really the culprit is right next door.

After not getting anywhere on his own, Watson calls in the help of Holmes, who remains unseen as to not tip off anyone who could be watching. When in London he discovered that the neighbor, Jack Stapleton, is in line to inherit the Baskerville fortune. Because Hugo was killed by a dog attack and so was the next person in line to the fortune, Sir Charles, Holmes came to the conclusion that it had to be Stapleton.

When they finally get...