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Essay by nitprivera February 2014

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Vision for the Poor

President Benigno Aquino III's longest SONA ever was something that gained both positive and negative remarks from different personalities and organizations around the nation. Every side of it gives you an idea how well this country escalated from after the previous administration. I believe that everything Noynoy said sounded pleasing to our ears but you might want to dig deeper for you to know the different side of the coin.

First, I would like to commend the president for making an effort to give the SONA in Filipino and for not giving theoretical measurements on the health of the economy which may be helpful to those Filipinos who're intelligences are challenged. He gave us more concrete examples on the current's shape of the economy like the recent achievements, the increase of jobs, more books and classrooms, and the likes.

I am no expert in dissecting and analyzing every point the president had said.

I would like to focus on those things which I found very critical and in need some sort of attention. These include the notable economic growth and the ironic increase in poverty level, his daang matuwid and the government's lack of strategic orientation.

Perhaps the question here that should be addressed is that why is there an increase in poverty level amidst growth. I believe that even how big that growth is, it will never be felt by the poor because of the social and economic imbalances that exist. This will only be beneficial to those elite classes. For me, corruption is never the root cause of poverty. The president may be too absorbed on this context that he failed to grasp the fact that no matter how honest the government may be, poor infrastructure and industries will never give stable employment...