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Just In Time

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Globalization has started a competition among all and thus every organization need to be strategically sound in order to survive. In order for a company to survive, the most important aspect is about how far the company may is willing to improve on its productivity. For this purpose the implementation of JIT may be considered as the most important aspect. Thus the quality may be improved in a minimal time frame without any additional cost of labor and a lesser chances of wastage. The system of JIT became popular since 1980's due to the Japanese firms continuously implementing for improving productivity.


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Just In Time


The process of Just In Time is best for the elimination of excess production, wasted steps and materials. This concept was initially developed in 1950 Japenese Toyota Motor Co. employee, Mr. Taiichi Ohono. On his visit to America, he noticed how Henry Ford works and started to take notes. The strategies related to the supply chain uncertainties, transportation, logistics and warehousing are dealt with ease in just in time approach. JIT is a useful process, since it makes use of unused amount (Black, 2009, 500-501).


For the success of any organization, it is important that the company is willing to implement the strategies that would strengthen the process of accounting and financial aspects. Just in Time is the strategy implemented for the purpose of operating as well as developing manufacturing system.