What Is Justice?

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What is Justice? Michael Dorris wrote The Myth of Justice. He was an anthropologist and a novelist (Dorris 464). The author asks the question, “Why do we believe in Justice” (Dorris 464). Who is it to say that life eventually balances out and that all rights are wrong? This is a myth that we are taught to believe to make life bearable.

Theoretically there are two types of Justice. The first being contextual justice, “In contextual-justice- crazy society like ours, rich folks get to pay off their victims through attorneys or a valuation of the crime committed. If you can afford it, you can do it”(Dorris 465).

“In the theoretical latter case, it matters not what your station is or what you intend: the act is the thing. All equal before the law”(Dorris465). The author describes gritty T.V. dramas such as NYPD Blue and Law and Order; when the perpetrator goes free or the innocent man is convicted, we are all appalled.

It is not supposed to be that way (Dorris 465).

Dorris begins to explain the life of a public defender. Recent law school graduates are filled with hope and want to help. They turn down six figure jobs to “Protect the innocent.” As the years progress, these good-willed people begin to realize that many times that they are fighting for nothing, and realize the benefits of corporate partnerships in which they can put away the low life’s that they fought for. Others are drawn to the powers and salaries of private defense. The rich have the power to get out of most anything. As long as you have a the power of a “dream team.” This is how modern day “theoretical” law makes a mockery of our justice system.

The evolution of today’s modern day society requires that...