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Justice is the quality or state of being fair or just. The United States claims liberty, and justice for all. Justice includes obeying laws and rules, equal and fair treatment, and due process for all. Justice does not include any acts or conditions that cause people to suffer loss undeservedly or have their rights taken away.

In 1892, Francis Bellamy wrote the words for a play for Columbus Day that included "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Justice is the backbone of freedom and very important.

It is important that each person give and receive justice. Being just includes conforming to the principles of righteousness and moral obligations; obeying the law; integrity and uprightness. A just person will accept laws and follow them and he must, also, accept the just consequences if he does not.

Every person deserves justice. It is important for each person to have equal and fair treatment. This treatment includes the right to go to school, no matter what race, religion, or disability one may have. Without laws to make all schools accessible to the disabled, the disabled would not be treated fairly. Without laws for integration, minorities would not be able to have the same opportunity for a better education.

Justice cannot been seen through double standards, and a judicial system without due process. Double Standards are prevalent in the state of Louisiana and a miscarriage to justice. Louisiana's own governor, Edwin Edwards was convicted for money laundering, fraud and racketeering in connection with the award of riverboat gambling licenses. The ten-year prison term is the same punishment students have received for making false identification cards in Florida and Michigan.

Codes of Conduct should be mandatory in all schools...