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We are living in a society where justice is not fair and many of the successful people are only flourishing mainly by luck; our luck of being born with more talent or a stronger race. "Our lot in the world in which we are creating - our race, nationality, creed, genetic gifts - would be left to chance." (Irvin) Take two different types of people in the world but with the same drive to succeed in the world. One is a beggar born to a drunk and a prostitute and the other is a soon-to-be wealthy business man waiting to inherit his father's business. Who is more likely to succeed and become wealthy in the future? The business man; not because he had more drive or determination, but because he was lucky and born to a better and wealthier family. And the beggar; he's more likely to either remain a beggar, or work at a dead-end job, just because he was born poor.

There is an inequality produced by our social structure that our disadvantaged people in our social structure feel which should be altered. (Jacobus, 196)

"Rawls difference principle embodies a notion of reciprocity to the effect that those who are endowed or socially better placed, or beneficiaries of good luck do not get further benefits for themselves unless they contribute to the general good." (Kelly) Our world needs to imitate more a society in which Rawls envisioned it. "The society that Rawls envisions can accept a certain amount of inequality of distribution of wealth, as long as it does not upset the equilibrium of the society." (Jacobus, 196) A society where everything was fair would create a more equilibrium in power and wealth. "Justice cannot be fair if only a certain group has most of the wealth,