Justice in Literature

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The concept of justice is an essential, guiding principal in society and a complex notion, which has been explored by a range of contexts. A Idea of the complexity of the issue relating to moral, legal and social justice maybe achieved through the perspectives offered by Author Miller's play "The Crucible" 1953, in the feature article "Old Enough To Die" and the related material "US Court Ruling Saves Teen Killers From Execution." By using a variety of techniques appropriate to their source and medium these texts represent justice as an important standard to which human kind aims but one which is too often obstructed by human vulnerability and weakness. However, while injustice may seem to rule, the texts suggest mean by which such injustice may overcome.

Moral justice, which is not always the same as legal justice, is explored in "The Crucible" by Author Miller through the charter of John Proctor who represents the struggle of humanity to live according to his moral ideas.

It takes great courage and personal sacrifice to defeat moral injustice. He acts according to his conscience and refuses to confess to a lie even if he will lose his life. "Because it is my name! Because I can not have another in my life.", suggest the reason he refuses to sign the confession is because it will blacken his name as well as the names of his friends Rebecca Nurse and Giles Cory due to the fact that they will not sign the confessions as they will be deemed liars. After the hanging of Proctor and his friends, Rebecca Nurse and Giles Cory, new sun pours onto Elizabeth Proctor's face. The sun symbolises hope and a new beginning.

Miller also explores legal justice and the legal injustice towards the characters. Danforth...