Justice in Tokyo Trial

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'It is the sense of justice that made us human. And if justice does not prevail than neither would humanity!"---Kajan Nantha

China, Korea and other countries will never forget the horrific events that occurred in their homelands. For example by looking at the incident that occurred in the beautiful ancient city of Nanking from the year's 1931 to1945, one can only start to imagine the extent of Japan's crimes. In just one winter's time Japanese army had massacred over 300,000 civilians and prisoners of war, and raped at least 20,000 women. Also in the 14 year time period Japanese military massacred over 30 million Chinese soldiers and civilians, which include women and children, in the cruelest fashion. Men, women, and children were killed with bayonets, swords, bamboo sticks and also their bodies were even sexually mutilated.1The International Tribunal for the Far East was set up to charge Japanese leaders for such crimes in the Tokyo trial.

However the Tokyo trial was not successful since it wasn't able to provide proper justice because several important figures like the Emperor, industrialists etc were not tried and those who were tried were charged under counts which were basically used to gain revenge for Pearl Harbor by the Americans. Now 50 years and more have passed since the end of WWII, but Japan is however is still in denial of its horrific war crimes committed during the war. Still to this day, not many people in the world know of the Nanking massacre and other brutal acts carried out by the Japanese military, partly due to the fact that the history is deleted from history books, documents are destroyed, and exhibitions are banned by the Japanese government.1

A Conference was held in Moscow before the defeat of Japan. There, an agreement was made between...