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Juvenile Crime Paper

When it comes to the juvenile justice system, we should understand that even if the process of investigating is the same as with adult justice system, still, there are a lot of differences between them. You will not see defendants who are adults in the juvenile justice system. This system was develop for punish youngest generation who was committing a crime, for showing them that they also will be punished if they will do something bad. By having juvenile justice system we do understand that it does not matter how old are you, you still will be responsible for all your acts and behavior, which you show in daily life. However, this justice system is developing not so much because of punishing a kid, it develop more for protecting kid from harm. With the adult justice systems all of the cases might be heard on the TV, be read in the newspapers, or heard on the radio.

With the juvenile justice systems it is different. By wanting to keep everything in the secret, it is almost like they want to protect kids and teenagers and meet their needs, even if they did commit a crime and about to be send in the prison because of this. Also, the cases and files in the juvenile justice system might be destroyed and deleted later, which will not ever happen with adult justice system. From time to time there might changes in the adult justice system because of one or another thing; however, it is not the same with juvenile justice system. This system stays untouched no matter what crime was committed and what did lead a young person to do it. In the juvenile system they will do everything in order to protect a child and keep his interests,