Juvenile Delinquency

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The juvenile and street crime rates are major problems cities and communities including Boston are dealing with today. Why are these rates increasing and what have other cities including Boston done to provide a better and safer community? The answer is community programs. Establishing programs to help the youth head in the right direction had a major impact on the children themselves and the community.

First look at why juveniles were and still are committing crimes in the past. It can be broken down into five reasons: No communication among different agencies among the communities ? Police, School Department, the probation officers, and the court system or in the communities themselves.

There was no enforcement of punishment Crack, Gangs, and Guns Weak family attachments or being a witness to domestic violence Lack of community involvement, jobs, and activities All of these things reasons combined created a violent and dangerous city.

Some sociologists believe violence is a learned behavior and that delinquency is a result of the influence of family, peers, community, and school. Edward Sutherland was a major Chicago School theorist who believed communities positively reinforce violence and delinquency rather than deter it with punishments. Communities realize that a child?s environment plays a large part in their life and decided to put in effect some new programs in the community to help the youth. Children at a very young age must be taught that violence is not an acceptable form of behavior. Community involvement and education are the keys to success. We must look towards the future and invent new ways to help the teenagers of communities.

The first of five reasons is that there is no communication among the different agencies in within the community ? Police, School Department, the Probation Officers, and the Court System. Also in...