Juvenile delinquency with reference to school violence in secondary schools.

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Juvenile Delinquency in the form of School Violence at Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago

Violence in Trinidad and Tobago has been escalating as is reflected in the high crime rates in society. Youth violence especially in schools has become a common feature of life in Trinidad and Tobago. Everyday newspaper headlines in Trinidad and Tobago expose the worrying dimension of school violence for all stakeholders in the education system. Some of the worrying media headings include: "Student stabs student" and "Fight breaks out in school in south." Incidences have become more aggressive and rampant and this upsurge has led to concern as to the causal factors of school violence. School violence in Trinidad and Tobago has assumed a high profile in many of our schools today and wears many faces and ranges from well-planned gang activity, through bullying and intimidation, theft, verbal slurs and physical violence with the extreme cases of murder.

It incorporates the use of knives, cutlasses, ice picks, and even guns. It is perpetrated against teachers, students, administrators, and even security personnel. The spate of violent incidents that have been reported to the police and highlighted in the media demonstrates that school violence is a major social problem facing our society. Incidences have become more aggressive and rampant. Deosaran (2004) assessed the extent to which student violence and disruptive behaviour occurs in secondary schools. The study revealed that the problem of school violence has been with the schools for a long time, but is heading for severe escalation in the years ahead if deliberate and sustainable steps are not urgently taken. It noted that the level of peace, comfort, and civility in secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago needed urgent improvement. In 1988, Trinidad & Tobago held a National Consultation on Violence and Indiscipline in...