"Juveniles' delinquency in the United Arab Emirates" OMAR ALALI 2005

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1. Introduction:

During the last few years, the problem of juveniles' delinquency has emerged as a significant subject in the United Arab Emirates (see Appendix 1). This in fact not only because it is a new menace swept the country, but also because of the dramatic increase in the number of juvenile offenders in the U.A.E. According to the ministry of interior's statistics (2004), the rates of juveniles' delinquents have increased by 1376% between 1977 and 2003.

Many societies worldwide are becoming more and more concerned about the problem of juveniles' delinquency. This in fact not just because the deviation of youths has a grievous bodily harm in all aspects of any community, but also because of the remarkable raise in the juveniles' crime around the world. Through a quick look at this problem we will find that there are many harmful results which are connected with it; firstly, social problem.

This age stage (juveniles' age) deemed from the most dangerous phases because the future of the youths and their tendency are determined at this stage, also their thoughts and behavior are defined. Furthermore, there is a strong link between juveniles' delinquents, growth process and the styles of social upbringing. For this reason, incomprehension of this phase and do not working earnestly on accurate upbringing for youth to be productive members in their society, will probably lead them toward offending and this will cause a defect in society through the aggressive behavior that appears in the crimes which juveniles commit it. Add to that the family troubles which he or she causes and the deleterious effects of this perverse group in the school. Secondly, economic problems. The youth is certainly a wealth of any community so; their criminal behaviour will leads to detrimental influence in the future of any country.