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The first time I saw somebody on K2 Skis was in the late 1980s. I was on a traditional par of Rossignol skis shushing down a black diamond when a couple of younger skiers blew by me, both on K2 skis. I noticed in the lift line that the hardcore and young skiers all seemed to wear Head boots and K2 skis. That was my initial introduction to K2 a ski manufacturer, the last American made skis in the market. Since 1959 K2 has been a leader in individual and team sports equipment. The company, K2, (KTO on NYSE) has expanded beyond the original K2 skiing line by acquiring other sporting goods companies. K2, Inc now owns Rawlings and Worth Baseball, Stearns Water Sports, Shakespeare Fishing Equipment, four snowboard companies; 5150, Morrow, Ride and Liquid and several skate boarding clothing companies, Adio, Hawk and Planet Earth . While K2, Inc.

has expanded the company's product mix over several companies and sports, its primary marketing message has remained consistent- K2 is a high quality, cool brand that is used by sports enthusiasts. K2, Inc has done a good job diversifying the product mix with all of the other sporting goods divisions, but the core product line is still K2 Skis.

I picked up a new pair of K2 skis last season ( and a pair of the K2 Woman's for my wife) and started to pay attention to the K2 brand name again. I began to notice more and varied products with the Red, White & Blue K2 logo on them. The Carlsbad, California based K2 brand has always represented a quality made ski, marketed for aggressive recreational skiers. K2 has an expanded the skiing product line's depth with seven categories of skis: performance, recreation, woman's, adventure, racing and junior skis.