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"Kalevala" is epithical poem written by the Finnish poet Eliasom Lennrotom in first half of the one century ago on the basic facts collected him for many years of searching Finnish and Karelian songs, legends. These songs passed from father to son from sun to grand children and so on during the centuries. Lennrot only collected these songs and on the basic facts of their heroes and plots has created the living and consecutive epos. And being the person of eighteenth century, he has brought in "Kalevala" some new ideas, but the soul of a poem is still national and represents historical, and cultural value. (104)

"Kalevala" is written not like normal poem, it written with runes. As I understand it's like finish Adam and Eva. It shows the making of the world. Before the people on the earth were only Gods and I made the mistake there was only water land.

One of the first birds live the eggs on Ilmatar body... but she was very tired of this work. So she broke them and the world is formed from the pieces. That is how the land was made and what about the humans? (~100)

This very strange and interesting position of women. (?) A part of women are slaves to their husbands, families of the husbands, but other women are best of their sorts, and occupant the supreme places in social hierarchy. And the young woman occupied position of slave in the house. But against the slave she couldn't complain because it was her sort. Here is very much text about courtship of a woman by the main heroes. She doesn't choose, but the future husband chooses her. And if she doesn't like him only one way to continue marriage is...