Karen Campbell letter about Women's Rights in response to Betty Friedan.

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I find today's editorial on Matt Hale and his lack of conscience and soul in promoting his supremacist agenda to be quite hypocritical on your part. Of course Hale's views are despicable. But how can you condemn Hale at the same time that you revere and honor Betty Freidan, herself responsible for her own brand of hate crimes that incited millions of American women and have resulted in the deaths of over 30 million innocent unborn children?

Consider, if you will, the following quotes from Freidan's Feminine Mystique, "Housewives are mindless and thing-hungry... ; They are trapped in trivial domestic routine and meaningless busywork within a community that does not challenge their intelligence. Housework is peculiarly suited to the capabilities of feeble-minded girls; it can hardly use the abilities of a woman of average or normal human intelligence." Echoing feminists before her, Freidan declares that homemakers are parasites and that their existence is tantamount to that of concentration camp victims.

Actually there is little difference in her assessment of the housewife and how Hitler described the Jew in German society.

Through the years, her hate speech taught women to see themselves as inferior if they choose to enjoy being wives and mothers. They were encouraged to participate in the sexual revolution, subjecting themselves to over 50 assorted venereal diseases, many of those with no cure.

As a result of her hate speech, divorce rates have reached well over 50% and the number of children living in single parent homes is staggering. Add to this the obsession of woman's self-gratification and eating disorders that come about by women who do not want to look like women. Then consider the hate speech of the women's movement that has sought to replace real men, with pathetic, bleached out versions who don't...