Karl Marx.

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Karl Marx was a great philosopher of the nineteenth century. He definitely was considered an educated man of his time. In fact, Marx wrote an amazing amount of political and historical works, which eventually made him well known in society. Same as all philosophers and thinkers, Marx probably had some troubles with expressing his ideas within the society in the common and acceptable way for people. He wasn't an ordinary man; furthermore his thoughts were not easy to understand for the average person. It doesn't mean that he was accepted either loved, but there were many people who believed and followed his ideas.

It is very interesting for me to analyze Marx's thoughts and at the same time realize that I spent my whole life in a society, which is very similar to the imaginary life style that Marx tried to create. My country was part of the former Soviet Union and same as most fractions of that incredible empire adopted the communist regime.

Of course, that regime was changed and deformed during the existence of the USSR, but most of the countries were under a huge influence from that extraordinary way of life. Unfortunately, it is true to say that many countries are still living their lives in the same way they did ten or even twenty years ago. On the other hand, there is nobody to blame for this particular life that people have now, because it is very difficult to pass over old habits and the accustomed life styles. Any kind of changes people want to make would cause a lot of damage to the society and to the country.

Analyzing Marx's ten points of view that were listed in paragraph 131, it is important to mention that those points were written a long time ago. Probably,